Vehicle Seizure

NOTE: The purchase of an application does not guarantee the return of your vehicle. Before purchasing an Application for Hearing, please read the following information, as the application and Alberta registry agent fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. The fee is $125 for a non-oral written hearing or $250 for an oral in-person hearing before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board (the “Board”).

Alberta registry agents will charge an additional service fee for the application and this cost may vary from agent to agent.

Under Section 45(2) of the Traffic Safety Act, you have only 30 days to appeal.

Application Process

The owner at the time the vehicle was seized, or a person who has an interest in the vehicle, may appeal the seizure to the Board. Hearings, under section 40 of the Traffic Safety Act, can be either written or in-person before the Board. An Application for Appeal - Vehicle Seizure can be purchased at any Registry Agent office. If the applicant is not the registered owner of the seized vehicle, the registered owner must complete the back of the application.

The original application must be sent to the Board. Faxes will not be accepted. A copy of the Vehicle Seizure Notice, or any form provided by the police service which seized or immobilized the vehicle, must also accompany the application. The issue of hardship caused by the vehicle seizure or immobilization, or any other ground not enumerated in the Traffic Safety Act or the Vehicle Seizure and Removal Regulation, will not be considered. For example, failure to accept a Notice of Suspension or a Vehicle Seizure Notice will not be an acceptable defence (e.g. refusal to accept the notice, or failure to notify Alberta Registries of an address change, etc.).