Road Tests

At Chestermere Lake Registry Services, we offer Class 4, 5 (Basic), 5 (Advance) & 6. Road test bookings must be made in person as we are required to issue a permit upon receipt of payment.

We ask that you come for your road test about 10 minutes early; this will ensure that all road tests are completed on-time. The permit is given to the examiner who will then go with you to your car. The examiner will do a brief inspection of the vehicle to make sure the brake lights, signal lights and door latches are working properly. You cannot take passengers or pets on the road test with you. Please remember to have a valid registration certificate and valid proof of insurance.

The Class 5 Basic road test usually takes about 1/2 hour. If you do not pass the test you can take it again as soon as the next day. You will need to purchase another Road Test Permit at that time.

When you pass your road test your Class 7 Operator’s Licence will be reclassified as a Class 5.

The requirements for a Class 4 Operator’s Licence is slightly different. There is a special Class 4 knowledge test and vision test. Before you take your road test you must have a Medical Examination Form completed by your Doctor. The form is also available at Chestermere Lake Registry Services